Peak Performance Project Showcase

It's quite the experience playing your 6th show as a band, some members being on their second. It's a soldout show, in front of an audience of 600 people, as well as a panel of judges, where everything you do is taken into consideration for winning $100,000.00....woah! makes your head spin.... A bit scary to say the least, but well worth the trip! We realize this has been our best show to date, Had some awesome feedback from some friends and fans, Gave away so many tickets at the door, it's like buying fans with Love! Made a few mistakes along the way, But had a blast all round at the Fortune Soundclub in Vancouver.

Other amazing artists that played the night, and quite a marvelous show from each.

Luca Fogale -

Van Damsel -

Good for Grapes -

Thanks to The Peak Performance Project, and Music BC.


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